Photo by Martin Stranak

In his early thirties his friends in New York use to call him 'Om Prakasso (Picasso)' or 'Omadeus (Amadeus)'. It was their way to tease him as much as to recognize his talent.

At the same time he belongs to India, where he is widely recognised and granted the most prestigious awards. His art is avant-garde and yet traditional, bold and gentle, both instinctive and rationally organised.

His paintings shining from inside with enormous energy are intricately detailed with geometrical clarity. His abstraction is quite mysterious. He is the one who can happily combine all the extremes due to his amazing ability to feel and create new kinds of harmony.

Prof. Elena Serdyuk
Moscow State University
Prague, 04 - July - 2006
YOU LOOK, WE LOOK 57" X 57" / 1998