Drawings have a unique place in the creative world of visual art. Drawing is not painting. It has its own identity, expression, technique and use of the given space. Like most artists, first thing I did was to draw, starting at the age of eight. My drawings, however, were having dimensions inclined for painting and not sculpture, that made me a painter. Over the years I have made hundreds of drawings and drew all that which fascinated me. I enjoyed doing them in different media in order to test my capacity of hand-eye coordination for spontaneous documentation and expression. The feelings in them are produced by the gliding use of force like the strength variation which a musician uses to strike a note. I do not like doodling, rubbing, correcting or overlapping . I prefer that every dot and line which I put to occupy and create their own spaces are final. It is challenging but I love it for the purity of vision.
The selection from my drawings done in different media are divided in four categories irrespective of their year of making.
They are reproduced here :-

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