Period - 3 : 1981 to 1992Works

In December of 1980, I had kind of a retrospective exhibition of whatever paintings I had with me at the large galleries of Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, shared with Late G.R. Santosh, who was a friend and compatriot. In April of 1981, I joined College of Art, New Delhi, as its Principal. I left my well set studio at the School of Planning and Architecture, and thus I had no place to paint. Moreover, I had to spend most of my time at the College where the work load was enormous, more so in the initial years, related to the pending projects of new building, academic and administration backlog. I had also to travel a lot in India and abroad for personal and official duties.

All that took my time from painting. It made me agitated even while living through a high profile social and administrative life. I apprehended that for my kind of creative work, undisturbed state of mind, clarity of thoughts and emotions were absolutely necessary. In 1986, my office moved to the new building of the college with a spacious studio next to it, where I could paint large canvases. It became like a private meditation temple for me. Patiently and steadily I launched to paint large square Mandalas.

Scholars and eminent critics wrote about them which was published in the national and international media. Late 1980's witnessed the boom in the business of contemporary Art spread over all metro cities of India. Many new galleries opened to cash on that. Several important exhibitions and auctions were held. The price of art works escalated fast to unforeseen levels. Established industrial houses and neo-rich businessmen started collecting them. It was hugely supported by the opening up of the economy on all fronts. Media also started covering with enthusiasm the creative activities. Several young and articulate writers were engaged to cover art events and write reviews. Everything was operating fast in top gear.

I painted 318 works including smaller works on paper which were shown in thirteen solo exhibitions in India and abroad. Besides brisk sale of my paintings for both private and public collections, the high point of 1980,s was their selection for the Tantra exhibition in German Museums during 1983 - 84, 15th International Exhibition , Japan in 1984, the Neo - Tantra Exhibition at UCLA California in 1985, Indian Festival Exhibition, Moscow in 1987, Neo - Tantra Exhibition, Australia in 1985 and International Book Fair, Frankfurt in 1987.

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