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I traveled in India and abroad mostly for my solo exhibitions - 20 up to date since 1993. My works has gradually become all encompassing which suited my appetite to probe into the mysteries which Einstein called to be the most beautiful thing one can experience. I have also been participating in several important group exhibitions and public auctions. I went for an art camp at Bhimtal in the Himalayas in 2007 after Kashmir Art camp in 1969 -a gap of 38 years. Thus the journey continues with its tribulations, artistic struggles and ecstasies. I find that I derive the utmost pleasure when I sign my paintings. Everything else that follows is secondary how so ever important they are. In spite of becoming older I continue to avail every possible opportunity which takes me to different countries and unknown places to look at art as well as interact and learn from other artists and art scholars. I also continue to play Sitar as well as started playing Veena and give public and private concerts, several of them have been recorded.

I continue to find Art to be a mystery, a challenging magic and an undefined cause which results into effects. My visions are free from anything conceivable. To paint physical realities is only the circumference of life, not the centre. Breaking and making the symmetry in my paintings are like congruence of the Nirankar (formlessness) as well as manifestation into a spectrum of forms to support my paintings. Consciousness cannot be fragmented. As the process of segregation of consciousness further evolves, it creates an illusory spatio-temporal grid. It has been leading me to create the unknown in form, colour and content to strive for miraculous magic like a shadow of the divine perfection which Michelangelo said to be the true work of Art.

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