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Diane Zeese - Shaksperion Actor and friend in New York - 1965
At the innauguration of Sahitya Kala Parishad exhibition, New Delhi in 1983
With Pt. Ravi Shankar at a New Delhi exhibition in 1988
With Retd. A.C.M. Arjun Singh, Lt. Governer of Delhi at college of Art annual exhibition 1989
Kathleen in 1990 at College of Art, New Delhi
Friend and admirer - Carla Hagen, Manhatten in 1964
Catherine Krupnick at Anand Ashram, 1965
Jane Terpening in New England, USA, 1965
With Mary Lou at my New York apartment, 1965
Dewitt family, my collectors, in my New York apartment in 1965 with Satya & Carla Hagen
With Pt. Ravi Shankar and Catherine at my home in Westport, U.S.A. in 1965
With Herbert Cohen, Savitri, Sanjay and Mukta in New Delhi
With Catherine in Westport, U.S.A-1976
1980 - Foundation ceremony of my home with Santosh, Kathleen, Shanti Dave & Bhusan
With a Tantrik Baba in Manali
At the innauguration of my exhibition at Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi in 1985
With Mukta, Sanjay, Shirley, Yogesh and Savitri in 1984
With Princess Alexandra of U.K. on her visit to College of Art, N.D. in 1987
At College of Art, get together with Santosh, Devyani & Kanwal Krishna in 1983
1982- with Krishen Khanna, Dhiraj, S.S. Vohra, Deshparbhu & Bilimoria at College of Art
With Yogesh, Mukta and Savitri at Sanjay - Shirley marriage reception in Mumbai in Febuary 1983
In Beijing With Indian delegation in 1985
At the great wall of China in 1985
M.F.A. painting class discussion with Prof. K.S. Kulkarni in College of Art, New Delhi-1987
At a get together with Art critic, K.L. Kaul